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Baltimore Closure Update May 27th, 2016

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) will implement a SafeTrack maintenance plan to address safety recommendations and rehabilitate the Metrorail system to improve safety and reliability.  The plan will include continuous single tracking on certain segments of the rail system for several weeks, as well as shutting down segments.  Therefore, trains and platforms are expected to be extremely crowded during peak periods which may cause extended delays.  In addition, track work will be completed on weeknights and weekends.  

The SafeTrack maintenance plan will begin the first week of June 2016 and will continue through mid-March 2017.  This may affect U. S. Custom and Border Protection (CBP) employees in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area during the maintenance project.  WMATA has provided a scheduled maintenance plan indicating the date, duration, rail line impacted, nature of the impact, and area affected.  The plan can be viewed at http://www.wmata.com/rail/safetrack.cfm 

During the maintenance activities, employees should consider altering their commuting patterns and allowing a reasonable amount of extra time for their commute.  Additionally, employees may discuss workplace flexibility options with their supervisors.  Telework-ready employees may request to telework outside their regularly scheduled telework day(s).  Further, employees may request to change their alternative work schedule day off or use annual leave, leave without pay, previously earned compensatory time off, and/or earned credit hours under a flexible work schedule.  Supervisors should consider all requests on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that agency operations are not negatively impacted. 

On May 20, 2016, the Office of Personnel Management released a memorandum providing Federal agencies information and guidance related to the SafeTrack project.  The memorandum can be viewed at https://www.chcoc.gov/content/impact-metro-safetrack-project-washington-dc-area-federal-employees.  OPM intends to issue additional guidance in the future; updated guidance will be disseminated to CBP employees. 

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact your supervisor or your servicing Labor and Employee Relations Specialist.  

May 20, 2016

Annual Meeting and Amendments to Chapter Bylaws

The original bylaw were written just after the formation of the Chapter. At the time, NTEU organized its Chapters along the lines of the management structure. In the case of Chapter 132, we represented membership that had an immediate reporting structure at Headquarters.  At one time, we represented Information Technology people at almost all ports, laboratory personnel in six states plus Puerto Rico, and  international outposts, such as Belgium.   This wide geographical coverage could not be sustained; over time, NTEU moved to consolidate Chapters along geographical lines.

Right now, the Chapter represents bargaining unit employees in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia, except for those employees working at Dulles, Front Royal, and those working in the Office of Rulings and Regulations.

The Executive Board, in conjunction with our NTEU Field Representative and immediate past Chapter President, discussed updating the Bylaws.  It is the opinion of the EB and NTEU that the bylaws be updated. The explanations for the proposed changes are listed below. The draft updated bylaws are located on the hyperlink..

1. The term of office of the elected officers (President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) are extended from two years to three years. This places the term in line with other chapters. By way of reference, the term of the NTEU National President is two years.

2. The start date for the terms of the elected officers was moved from Nov 1 to January 1.  This was done to match the duties of the officer, principally the Chapter President, to the dates by which actions must be completed. In January, the CP must appoint the Chapter Stewards and Chief Stewards, identify and register individuals for NTEU/National training, appoint individuals to serve as delegates to the Legislative Forum, appoint and/or nominate individuals to serve on a dozen or so Joint Award Committees, create a budget, appoint Chairs of standing committees, etc. In the past, these critical functions were performed by the outgoing CP.

3. Consistent with Items 1 and 2 above, the terms of the current Officers will be extended until December 31, 2017 (an extension of eight months).

4. Officers appointed as replacements for those who have resigned, left the union, etc. are no longer considered “acting.” This was necessary to clarify the roles and responsibilities, especially in completing the annual Department of Labor and IRS reports.

5. References to  Chapter‑level handling dues money were eliminated. Dues collection is now handled exclusively by NTEU/National.  Most employees pay dues through payroll deduction—CBP, through the National Finance Center, collects dues money and send the money to NTEU/National. NTEU/National directly processes dues paid by check and credit card.

6. The address of the Chapter website is updated.

7. The annual meeting of the Chapter will take place at the US Custom House, 40 South Gay Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 Room #103 on the every third week of each month at 1300. 

Sylvester Dancy, Jr
Chapter 132 President 

September 30, 2015

As the Chapter President of Chapter 132, I wanted to reach out to each member with Chapter 132s year in review. Before I delve into the specific issues we have successfully addressed and challenged this year, I wanted to take time to highlight three important chapter issues occurring in 2015.
 1)      The 2015 Summer Recruitment Campaign will officially come to a close on October 3, 2015.  We have met our goal of recruiting 12 new members thus meeting out goal for this effort.  I want to thank everyone for participating and I look forward to next year.
 2)      Stewards. The Chapter is allowed to have up to 5 stewards. The chapter may have vacancies for stewards, in early 2016. A steward is an NTEU member who helps employees with their workplace issues. These stewards are trained by National NTEU and are supported by the Chapter leadership and NTEU National. If you are interested in becoming a steward, please let me know at nteuchapter132@Gmail.com.
 3)      Membership. The stronger our membership, the stronger our voice. The Chapter has basically tripled in size over the past three years. However, 2014 was a challenging year for recruitment, I think we made up in 2015.  To that end, with the help of National NTEU, the chapter is establishing a membership recruitment committee, and are still looking for volunteers. The role of the committee is to perform outreach to non-members of the union to try to explain to them why membership of the chapter and NTEU National is crucial to the success of the chapter. If you are interested in joining this committee, please email Maya Satz, NTEU National Organizer at Maya.Satz@nteu.org.

As the Chapter President, I see myself working closely with NTEU National and supporting our new President on his vision.  I also would like to implement a modernization effort for Chapter 132.  I encourage all members to make sure that you update your email information at www.nteu.org to ensure that you get current updates when applicable. Again, thank you for your continuing support and I hope you find this informational and helpful.